Vrindavan guruvayur
Vrindavan guruvayur
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To recreate the Guruvayurappan temple in Vrindavan the land of Bhagawan Shri Krishna.

To spread the consciousness of Lord Guruvayurappan to the world, by enabling access to all genuine seekers a privilege not possible in the original temple in Guruvayur

To build a temple town ecosystem within the complex: where the temple is the centre of the lifestyle within the area, and all beings live in harmony.

To create a space that will provide rejuvenation and alignment to all visitors in an environment of devotion and tranquility.

Why Guruvayurappan temple in Vrindavan?

This project is a true amalgamation of the boy form of Krishna (Guruvayurappan) in the land of Braj Bhoomi where Shri Krishna was born and spent his childhood
Bringing the Southern traditions of worshipping Lord Krishna with the same rituals and Sanctity
Promote the glory of Sanatana Dharma to the whole world through this temple complex

Significance of Lord Guruvayurappan

Guruvayurappan is the presiding deity of Guruvayur temple. He is worshipped as Shri Krishna in his child form as a 8 year old child.
The deity represents the purna rupa (full manifestation) of Lord Vishnu, as revealed by baby Krishna to his parents.
The idol of the deity is made of a stone called ” Patala Anjanam ” or black bismuth and is in the standing pose with four arms, carrying the Panchajanya (shank or conch), the Sudarshana Chakra (chakra or disc), the Koumodaki gada or mace) and padma (lotus).

The Guruvayur temple in Vrindavan will truly depict the principles of Sanatana Dharma. Regardless of class, caste or sect, access will be given to all who believe in Sanatana Dharma, while maintaining sanctity and originality of the temple

Core Values


Worship and rejuvenation

Annadaan Hall

Daily Annadaan (food donation)


Animal welfare

Satsang/Parayana Hall

Immerse in devotion through Parayan

Centre for abandoned women

Care for underprevilaged/abandoned

Nature Farming

Work with nature

Proposed Site

Main Guruvayurappan Temple
Other Temples
Satsang/Parayana Hall
Temple Pond
Annadaan Hall
Goshala (cow shelter)
Natural Farming
Women’s ashram
Guest accommodation
Waiting Area
Volunteer Accommodation

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