Project Significance

Why Guruvayurappan Temple in Vrindavan?

True amalgamation of the boy form of Krishna (Guruvayurappan) in the land of Braj Bhoomi where Shri Krishna was born and spent his childhood .

Bringing the Southern traditions of worshipping Lord Krishna with the same rituals and sanctity.

Promote the glory of Sanatana Dharma to the whole world through this temple complex.

Regardless of class, caste or sect, access will be given to all who believe in Sanatana Dharma, while maintaining sanctity and originality of the temple

Mohanji explains Sanatana Dharma as:

The equanimity, the quality, or the balance of existence is Sanatana Dharma.

Sanatana Dharma is the basis of creation, how life on Earth works and how the universe maintains itself

Sanatana Dharma represents ground rules conducive to life on Earth. It is NOT a religion.

The Hindu way of existence is in tune with Sanatana Dharma. That is why “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinaaha” – “Let all beings be happy, let all beings have harmony, perfection and happiness.”

Sanatana Dharma is a way of life; it is eternal.

SanatanaDharma Core Values

“Dhyana - Sounds ToSilence”

Moving from the world of sounds to inner silence is acore teaching of Mohanji.

Moving from the mind toconsciousness.

Tradition of Respect

Ecological sensitive build.

Respect for all life.

Serve only plant-based food, free of any violence orcruelty.

Purification and Self-Improvement

Space for contemplation and self-improvement.

Focus on purification and elevationin awareness.

Programs and Festivals

Celebration through festivals, kirtans, and other uplifting techniques and celebrations.

Regular programs and activities to aidin connecting to oneself.

Promote the highest human values in every program and activity.

Balance All Elements

Earth - Take purification from earth.

Air - Unpolluted clean air.

Fire - Ceremonies of Fire.

Water - Coherent Water.

Space - Energetic spaces.