About Lord Guruvayurappan

Daily Appearances
& Benefits

Guruvayurappan is believed to be the form of Lord Vishnu given to Devaki and Vasudeva in prison. There are 12 different appearances and rituals of Lord Guruvayurappan through out the day that the devotees can view and observe and benefit in different ways. Guruvayurappan’s poojas and darshans bring prosperity and salvation away from misery.
1. Viswarupadarsana – Form during Nirmalayam (early morning). Darshan at this time removes all obstacles and avoids destructions.
2. Abhishekam (Anointing): Darshan during abhishekam removes Rheumatism.
3. Gokula Natha – Form during Vakacharthu Abhishekam ((spreading peacock flower powder for washing idol). One having darshan at this time will achieve peace and tranquillity.
4. Santhanagopalan – Form during Sankhabhisheka (anointing with conch). Darshan during this time gives abundance of wealth.
5. Unnikannan – Form during Balalankara. Darshan of lord in this form removes all misery of children.
6. Yashodabalan – Form during Abhisheka. Darshan of this all will be removed completely. Also, the darsan of Sreebhuthabali is good for couple who have infertility issues.
7. Vanamala Krishna – Form during Navakabhishekam (anointing with water by 9 pots) . Darshan of lord at this time will cure eye disease. Result of Pantheeradi pooja darsan is for removal of sorrows and omnipotence.
8. The vision of the Lord at noon pooja time is also adorned with all adornments. The result is enlightenment.
9. Sarvamangaladayaka – Form during evening. Darshan during this time brings family prosperity.
10. Mohana – Form during Deeparadhana. Darshan of this form brings marital bliss.
11. Vrindavanacharana – Form during evening pooja. Darshan at this time gives healing of all diseases.
12. Sheshanayaka – sleeping on Serpent Shesha nag at the night time. Darshan at this time brings salvation.