Vrindavan Guruvayur Project – Article from Times of India

News extract from an article published by The Times of India, Kochi Edition on “Guruvayur-model temple to come up at Vrindavan”

A temple of Lord Guruvayurappan, almost a replica of the temple of Guruvayur, is being planned at Vrindavan, believed to be the place where Lord Krishna had spent his childhood days. The project is being launched by the spiritual and voluntary organisation Mohanji Foundation headquartered in Switzerland. Guruvayur Thantri Dinesan Namboodiripad has agreed to be the thantri of the proposed temple also, according to the foundation founder Mohanji.

The foundation proposes to raise the finances for the project through crowdfunding, and it has already initiated the process of acquiring three acres for the proposed temple. We have already paid the advance for the land, Mohanji said.

Architect Jayan Balachandran, who is also associated with the project, said a museum, conference hall, library, an ashram for widowed women, and several other Kerala-style buildings are also planned there. Apart from the temple, the project would also include the development of a township around it.

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